I saw a dream,
A dream very realistic,
A cold sun rose to its horizon,
A cool weather just greeted, Hello!
To the newly born spring.
OH! the spring of my heart,
Seeds that were sown in winter,
Have sprouted completely,
To give a new life ,
to the wilted leaves of my soul.
My soul, that was ruptured and injured,
Gradually healing,
By the ointment of love and hope.
Everything is surrounded by deep silence,
Oh! That silence, that feels like heaven,
As if the war between soul and mind is over,
As if tranquility and serenity all around.
There was a garden down the bridge,
Garden full of pink roses,
Fresh rosy fragrance in the air,
That touches me, laughs at me
Tries to tease me.
~Alisha Maham